Pickathon 2014 Tree Line Stage 

A PSU School of Architecture Diversion Design-Build Project 

The Diversion Design-build project was the second collaboration with the Pickathon Music Festival, an annual event that takes place in August at Pendarvis Farm, Happy Valley, Oregon. A small team of students, guided by two professors, was asked to imagine a new performance venue, the Tree Line Stage, that would contribute to the festival philosophy of high experiential impact with low environmental impact. Costs were to be kept to a minimum and the site was to be returned unscathed to farmland. After much research the idea of the temporary re-purposing of a prefabricated, modular entity that could be used as a ‘building block,’ but not used-up, led to the wooden shipping pallet, an abundance of which are manufactured locally, and which resonated at a number of levels with emerging project themes.